Salamanca Poniente s/n,

Cd. Industrial Irapuato,

Irapuato, Gto. C.P. 36541

Tel. · 52 + 4626226047

SITRASA is a company created in 2003 using the technical experience of its founders of more than twelve years in the industrial waste market in Mexico.

Offering efficiency and quality for environmental improvement service.

Proudly we give you our mission and vision:

Being leaders in developing treatment technologies and industrial waste revaluation offering new technologies for a more friendly disposition to the environment.

Establishing long lasting relationships with our key customers, through the use of newer technologies and upgrading our treatment processes with the best practices of the industry.


  1. Caring for the environment.

  2. Waste Treatment always in a friendly way to the environment.

  3. Comply with environmental legislation.

  4. Quality and Safety.

  5. Continuous improvement

  6. Constantly detecting flawed areas for improvement.

Environmental Policy.
In SITRASA, we are committed to preserving the environment, as our primary activity is directly related to the treatment and disposal of hazardous waste in a friendly way to the environment and adhering to compliance with environmental legislation, all in a framework of quality and safety where best practices are developed through continuous improvement, thereby meet our customer’s requirements, and better coexist with our community and authorities.

This policy is our framework, we financially consider the development of our projects as collateral in improving and enforcing compliance to environmental, quality and safety.



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