Among the services that SITRASA offers, are the following:

Treatment, revaluation, recovery and disposal of hazardous industrial waste.

Physicochemical treatment with four main reactions: neutralization, oxidation/reduction, fixation and chemical precipitation that allow us to completely stabilize and inert hazardous waste.


Treatment plant sludge, process sludge, degreasing sludge, hydrocarbon tank sludge, oily sludge, acid or alkaline sludge, soil contaminated with hydrocarbons, soil contaminated with heavy metals, spent catalysts, and acid or alkaline cleaning residues.

Physical destruction of product out of specification.

Shredding line with highly efficient equipment for the physical destruction of products or supplies out of specification or to remove them from inventories.


Products out of specification, expired supplies and low inventories of finished product.

Treatment-recycling of batteries and lamps.

Treatment-recycling of batteries of all types, including those used in electric vehicles, recycling the metals that compose them to give them different uses.ou can use to highlight features.

Treatment-recycling of lamps through a controlled means to encapsulate the mercury gas and be able to reuse the glass and aluminum with which they are made.


Alkaline batteries, nickel-cadmium batteries, lithium batteries, mercury vapor lamps of different sizes and shapes, and electric car batteries.

Treatment of contaminated sludge on site.

Separation of liquid-sludge phases to exponentially reduce the volume of sludge to be disposed of and returning the water again to be reused in the process that generated it through the use of 2-phase decanters and rotary filters with a vacuum system to separate smaller particles.


Cleaning of sedimentation ponds with volumes greater than 5,000 cubic meters and treated water currents that still carry some suspended solids.

Treatment of contaminated water.

Primary chemical treatment of contaminated water for industrial reuse.


Water contaminated with hydrocarbons, process water, acidified or alkaline water used in pickling baths and floor cleaning water.

Production of alternative, solid and liquid fuel

Energy recycling from hazardous waste through the formulation of solid and liquid fuels to be used in ovens or boilers.


Used, spent and/or burned oils, exhausted or saturated solvents or mixtures of solvents used in degreasing and contaminated textiles, wood, plastics (without metal parts).

Recycling and recovery of solvents.

Recovery of spent solvents for reuse in the same process that generated it or in others from highly appreciated solvents.


Recycling of solvents with value appreciated in the market to be reused in the same process or in others that may need them and manufacture of degreasers for cleaning parts.

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